Welcome to Advanced Pet Sitting

Here at APS we believe that your pets deserve the same level of love and care you provide for them, even when you are away on a trip or working long hours at the office and are unable to feed, walk and play with them.

We are professional, police checked and fully insured.

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Why You’re Better Off Choosing Advanced Pet Sitting

  • We will never cancel on you – there is always a back up
  • We will provide the highest care and make sure your pets are happy and safe
  • We are fully insured and our staff is trained and police checked
  • We are recommended by many vets
  • We do not provide just services – we are involved in the community

We pride ourselves on being much more then a Professional Pet Sitting Company. We are passionate about your pets. We have the knowledge, professionalism and expertise to care for your animals. We will provide safety for your pets and homes and build a long lasting relationship with you. We promise you the highest level of satisfaction or 100% money back guarantee.