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How To Introduce A New Cat To The Household

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | May 14, 2015
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introducing multiple catsHaving multiple cats in the same household can be a lot of fun but new cats have to be introduced slowly to avoid aggressive behaviours.

  • Make sure that each cat has his own resources like a litter box, food dish, water dish, toys, scratches, etc. 
  • Before the cats meet, introduce them by scent. You can take a piece of cloth and rub it in each cat while spending time with them and then bringing the cloth to the other cat.
  • Until the different cat scents are spread around the house the cats should stay separate. Alternate letting them explore the home separately to spread their scents. 
  • When ready to start introducing them to each other start from afar – they should be able to see each other but not come and sniff. Keep that first introduction short
  • Try to engage them in something they enjoy while they are in each other’s presence
  • One you physically introduce them if they show stress you may have to go back a couple of steps, but if they show curiosity and friendliness, reward both cats for being good


Pest Free Pets

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | March 24, 2015
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fleas-ticksManaging parasites is always a high priority for every pet owner. Fleas and ticks might be small but very dangerous. Especially paralysis ticks who can kill your dogs and cats withing a few days.

There are various products on the market some topical, others in the form of a tablet.  Depending on the brand, these products can control pests that include fleas, ticks, chewing lice, flea eggs and larvae, and can help control mange. Some can also protect against heartworms, roundworm, hookworm and whipworm.

If you have a flea infestation you will need to treat both your house and your yard. Inside you can use various sprays, flea bombs, carpet powders etc. Also a thorough vacuum of all floors, carpets, furniture and all your pet’s bedding is a must.

For your yard you will need o use the appropriate yard sprays or if he infestation is out of control a pest control may be in order. Your back yard needs to be kept clean – cut down tall brush and grasses near the house or pet runs to reduce a pet’s exposure to fleas and ticks.


Dog Park Etiquette

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | March 10, 2015
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dogs-playing-at-dog-parkThe dog park be either a wonderful or a terrifying experience for your dogs. It’s a place where dogs of all sizes are free to roam, sniff, chase and play with each other. But like any public place dog parks have unwritten rules. Here they are:

  • If your pet show signs of illness or a contagious disease, don’t bring him/her to the park
  • Don’t bring a puppy less than 4 months old, or a female dog in heat
  • Don’t let your dog be aggressive with another dog
  • Don’t bring food for yourself or your dog
  • Keep your small dogs in the designated area
  • Bring a ball, but be prepared to lose it
  • Don’t let your dog run in a pack. Intervene when play starts to get too rough
  • And of course pick up after your dog

Dog Friendly Back Yard Ponds

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | August 29, 2014
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dogscaping-back-yard-water-featureMany dogs enjoy water and are drawn to the back yard water features. Whether to watch the gold fish in amazement, have a drink or dunk in during the hot summer days they will delight in the opportunity to experience water. When building a pond you need to always have your pooch in mind. Here are a few tips:

  • Make the edges of the liner secure so the dog won’t damage it
  • Make sure rocks are stable and won’t shift when the dog walks over them
  • Avoid sharp rocks which could hurt paws
  • Use paving stones or flat rocks to create easy access points

Dog Beach – Dos & Don’ts

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | July 16, 2014
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dog on a beachDos:

  • Make sure Fido’s vaccinations are up to date
  • Make sure your furry kid is wearing an ID tag
  • Check the ocean for any stingers and jellyfish
  • Bring toys and balls
  • Make sure you have plenty of fresh water for you and your dog


  • Don’t let your dog in areas where they are not supposed to be. You may upset other beach goers or even worse get fined
  • Never let Fido out of your site
  • Don’t let them chase wildlife
  • Don’t allow your dog to run uncontrolled or act aggressively towards other dogs and people

4 Ways To Battle Dog Skin Rash

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | June 17, 2014
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dog skin rashDo you have a dog with itchy skin? These 4 simple ways can help you treat your dog’s skin rash:

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera is great for treating of skin issues in your dog’s body. You can use creams, gels or the actual plant if you have it growing in your back yard. Apply along the length of the dog’s body that has rashes and itchiness.

  • Coconut Oil
    Massage some the coconut oil at least once a week. You need to keep it  on for a about 4-6 hours so that coconut oil can get absorbed. Shampoo him after those six hours to get rid of the greasiness. 
  • Magnesia Milk
    Some say that magnesia milk is the ultimate treatment for your dog that has rashes. Rub along the body where the rash is with a cotton ball.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    Apple Cider Vinegar will also get rid of fungal infections and yeast development, if any, on the dog’s body. Two to three times in a week is perfect to make your dog’s body free from rashes.

Stop Your Dog Jumping On Pople

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | June 4, 2014
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dog-jumping-upMost dog jump on people because they are excited, but whilst we can tolerate a small dog jumping up, big dogs can become problematic. If you want to stop your dog jumping up on people you can try these three things:

    • Ignore the jumping
      Easier said than done, right? Ignoring means no attention at all – no negative, no positive. Do not make any eye contact or speak until all four feet are on the floor. At that point, calmly praise your dog
    • Turn your back
      Turning your back on the dog until he stops jumping is another way to show  that this is an unwanted behaviour. Once he stops and again all fours are on the floor you can turn around and praise him

    • Teach incompatible behaviours
      Teach your dog to do something that is incompatible with jumping up like “sit” or “lie down”. He cannot be both jumping and sitting at the same time. Once he holds the positions you are asking for, praise and pat him


Letting Your Cat Outside

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | April 24, 2014
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cat-enclosuresLetting your cat go outdoors untended puts your cat at risk for trauma, illnesses, and more. It also endangers the local wildlife as cats are efficient predators.

If your cat enjoys being outdoors, consider a cat enclosure or a catio.  A cat enclosure is simply an enclosed area that offers protection and keeps the cat from wandering away.  An ideal cat enclosure will contain enough space to move, climbing options, and a resting area.  A shady area is best so that the cat can enjoy being outdoors even on the warmest days.  Every cat enclosure should be covered with material that can’t be breached by the cat.  Nylon mesh and chicken wire are two of the most inexpensive, effective options.

First Aid Tips For Injured Pets

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | April 17, 2014
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pet-first-aidTaking care of your pet in an emergency situation can be a challenge.  Here are some tips to follow until you get to the emergency vet:

  • Never assume that your pets will not bite or scratch you if they are injured
  • Don’t attempt to hug injured pets
  • Keep your face away from the pet’s mouth
  • If trying to examine the injury do so slowly and stop immediately if your pet becomes agitated
  • Muzzle your pets before taking them in the car, unless they a vomiting
  • Keep pets confined in small space until you get to the animal hospital
  • And very importantly – call your vet before leaving the house

Spending Quality Time With Your Pets

Posted by in Pet Tips and Tricks | April 15, 2014
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dog-playOne of the best ways to show your pet love is by spending some quality time together. Beyond giving your pet a healthy dose of exercise and fresh air, the best part of an extra-long walk or a game of catch is that it’s entirely free!

Always look for ways to enrich your dogs and cats lives – don’t forget that unlike us they cannot read books or watch TV. They rely on us to make their day fun and exciting.

Play games – fetch, chase and tug-of-war a great examples. if you have a water loving dog, spend some time in the pool with them or take them to the beach, river or nearby creek. Set up play dates with other dog owners and your pooch will benefit from socializing with other canines. Take them to new places to explore on a regular basis and spend some time in nature together.