“Break The Day” Pet Visits


pet sittingAs pet owners ourselves, we understand that sometimes things come up. Plans change. There are deadlines to be met. Meetings take longer. Clients to see after hours. Leaving early for work and coming home late day after day.

But you no longer have to feel guilty about working long hours and subjecting your pets to long hours on their own.

Our experienced pet sitters are available to give your precious furry kids a much-appreciated “Break The Day” pet visit.

During the visit we will do whatever you want us to do. Give your doggy a potty break. Throw the ball in the dog park. Let them in the pool for a refreshing swim. Give your kitty a much deserved play. Refresh their water.

Benefits of having a “Break The Day” pet visit:

  • pet sitting break the dayMental stimulation with play and exercise
  • Stress relief through additional human interaction
  • Lots of attention and loving care

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