Dog Walking

 Why use a dog walker?

  • Do you want a calmer and more obedient dog?
  • Can’t walk your dog every day?
  • Is your best friend bored?
  • Feel guilty because you have to rush your walks?
  • Too much energy to burn and only a backyard to do so.
  • Even if it’s only once a week – give your dog a special treat.

We all have busy and hectic lives and walking your dog daily can sometimes be a challenge. Dogs who are not regularly exercised can become anxious and frustrated, which can lead to bad behaviour, such as excessive barking, aggression, or separation anxiety. With daily walking your dogs will be healthier and happier. It is recommended that you walk your dog at least once a day for a minimum of 30mn to 45min.

Benefits of Dog Walking:

  • Dogs have a migratory instinct within them that the daily walk helps to satisfy
  • Dogs become calmer and more balanced by releasing mental and physical energy while walking
  • Dogs keep in good shape

Who uses dog walkers?

Everyone can use a dog walker as an alternative or to add more daily exercise.

If you don’t have the time or energy that your dog requires due to the demands of your career, family, or commuting, or if you are physically unable to take your dog out for regular exercise Advanced Pet Sitting would happily provide regular walks from 30min to 60min once or twice daily.

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Happy Dogs and Clients:

an extract from our testimonials page…

Thank you very much for your service. Having our dogs walked by a responsible & reliable person made a difference & also receiving text messages after the walk was great for our peace of mind.
Theresa, Coopers Plains

Our 3 animals were looked after very well & received lots of lovewhile we were away. We now use Advanced Pet Sitting for walks 5x week and every time we go away. Even if it’s 1 nightwe have the comfort of knowing our animals are safe and happy.
Bianca, Springwood