Overnight Pet Sitting

Why opt for overnight pet sitting?

Some pets do not cope well when being left alone overnight or they are too loud and the neighbours are complaining. Some pets are under strict medical regime. And some pets are just happier with someone to snuggle up with.

Our pet sitters will arrive in the early evening and spend the night with your pets allowing them to have the experience of an everyday household. They will take your dogs for a short walk (unless otherwise arranged), and have a play and a cuddle in bed with them.

Overnight pet sitting is ideal for:

  • Clients who do not want to leave their house unattended during the night
  • Clients who want their pets fed more than once per day
  • Clients whose pets need medication twice daily
  • Clients who want their pets taken outside first thing in the morning and brought in last thing at night
  • Households with a large number of pets

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Happy Pets and Clients:

an extract from our testimonials page…

We arrived home tonight to find our boys excited to see us but obviously well cared for. Our home was just as we left it, it was hard to tell that anyone had been to stay. Krassi did such a great job. My indoor plants are thriving and our beloved dogs have obviously been treated so well as they are not stressed at all. It was so good to have contact by sms every day so we knew the boys were fine so we did not have to worry and could concentrate on our family wedding. We are so impressed with your service and we only hope that Krasse was comfortable in our home and able to relax while she was here.
Thank you so much.
We are just so happy to have found your business on the internet. It was a life saver.
Lyn & Noel Morris, Morningside