Pet Wedding Attendant

pet wedding attendantWhat we Do

  • Organise a hydrobath (if necessary)
  • Transport pets to and from your rehearsal and wedding
  • Dress your pets
  • Supervise and care for your pets throughout the event
  • Accompany your pets to your wedding photos
  • Assist with your pets wedding role
  • Provide walks, potty breaks, feeding, and watering
  • Bag and dispose of all pet waste

Things a Dog can do in a Wedding

  • Bring the wedding bands down the aisle to the awaiting groom This is probably one of the most popular ways in which a dog is incorporated into the wedding ceremony. You can have your doggie “wear” a dog ring bearer pillow on his back or you can have the dog hold a basket in his mouth.
  • Be a groomsman or bridesmaid Some pet lovers choose to have Fido in the wedding party. Doggie wedding attire will have to be carefully picked, but it certainly is possible and many couples have done it in the past.
  • Greet incoming wedding attendants You can have your doggie sit next to the guest book and get a pat from every guest coming to the wedding

Note: APS understands that all wedding needs are different. Our Pet Wedding Attendant services will be customized to fit your special day!

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pet wedding attendant